Car Recyclers Melbourne – We Recycle All Brand Vehicles

Being one of the largest independently owned Auto Wreckers in Australia, we pride ourselves in providing clients with the best services and cash for unwanted vehicles in any condition. With more than five years of experience in the Melbourne Car Removal and recycling industry, our main goal has always been to follow eco-friendly standards in our car recycling process.

Car Recycling Melbourne

When your car is no longer usable or is too costly to repair, what do you do with it? The answer is to recycle it. At Car 4 Cash we save your money while saving the earth by recycling every single part of your vehicle.

What Makes Recycling So Important?

  1. Reusing good quality parts from another vehicle results in saving energy, raw materials and reducing pollution.
  2. By using recycled parts, you will be helping to sustain a modern global recycling industry.
  3. Thus, in turn, creating new job opportunities for people and decreasing the unemployment rate.
  4. Recycling prevents a flood of dangerous toxins from being released into the ground and water.
  5. It prevents unnecessary use of valuable landfill.
  6. By reducing the need for new parts to be manufactured, you will be preserving scarce natural resources.

The Carefully-Designed Vehicle Recycling Process

We believe in being honest with our work and with our customers. We are open about how we recycle the cars so customers can be sure that their vehicle is in the right hands and that they have done their part in saving the environment.

Our Auto Recycling process follows all “Eco-friendly” standards. Each vehicle goes through a process designed in such a way that the reclaimable amount of material can be maximised and the environmental impact can be minimised.

Since oil, gas and other operating fluids pose a significant risk to the environment, our trained technicians carefully drain all the fluids and store them for either reuse or recycling. Modern equipment and methods are used in order to prevent any ground or water contamination. If there is a fluid that cannot be reused or recycled, it is carefully disposed off.

Each vehicle is inspected to determine which parts are appropriate for reuse. The vehicle is then sent to the dismantling zone where all parts are removed, inspected and prepared for resale. Each part is tagged, coded and entered into a computerised, digital inventory system before it is properly stored. The vehicle’s accessories such as speakers, batteries, steering, etc that could be sold online are then refurbished to be sold as used parts. Gas tanks and tires are all removed and are recycled, reused or disposed of appropriately.

The leftover metal body of the vehicle is then crushed and sent to the shredder to be broken down into fist-sized pieces for recovery. The ferrous and non-ferrous metals are separated using a giant magnet and reused to make new cars and other metal products.

We also remove mercury containing switches from the end of life vehicles to prevent the highly toxic heavy metal from being released into the environment. Our expert auto technicians have recovered thousands of these switches and stored them safely before it could leak into rivers and lakes and affect marine life.

What Vehicles Do We Recycle?

Car 4 Cash recycles all kinds of automobiles. Make, model, new, used, running and not running, or age does not matter to us. Whether it is an old car or a completely wasted one; whether it’s a UTE, truck, van, SUV, 4×4, or a commercial vehicle, with us, you can be sure that your vehicle won’t be causing any damage to the environment. Call us at 0420 550 811.

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