We Pay Instant Top Cash For Unwanted Cars Upto $9999 In Melbourne

We are Melbourne’s number 1 ‘Junk Car Buyer’! Here at Car 4 Cash we can guarantee you top-notch service when you Sell your Unwanted Car to us. We have over 5 years of experience of Unwanted Car Removal service, as we have helped thousands of people over the years and made it easy to get you some cash while Getting Rid of Your Unwanted Car at the same time.

Car for Cash MELBOURNE understands how stressful selling your car can be so we treat you with dignity, respect, and fairness. Our customers are our top priorities. Car 4 Cash offers top cash for wrecked vehicles. Whether you want to get junk cars for cash or purchase a used car from our lot, we go to the extreme to make sure you get the most cash for your clunker, which you deserve!  We offer top dollar on your unwanted cars on spot.

Types of Vehicles We Purchase:

  1. Buy Junk Cars
  2. Totaled Cars
  3. Damaged Cars
  4. Non-Running Cars
  5. Flood-Damaged Cars
  6. Hail-Damaged Cars
  7. SUVs
  8. Trucks
  9. Vans
  10. Motorcycles
  11. Boats
  12. RVs

We offer unwanted Car Removal with fast immediate retrieval and payment for all kinds of unwanted and inoperable automobiles. From small to large cars and trucks to SUVs and vans – just inform us about the vehicle to be towed away and we will give you an accurate offer and a swift transaction when you are looking to salvage your vehicle for cash. Just show us your title in order for us to proceed with the transaction!

So, if your vehicle is running or even if it isn’t – we will be there promptly to retrieve it and compensate your car with cash.

If you have any questions on where to Sell your Unwanted Car or where to Scrap your Car for Cash, please do not hesitate to contact us at 0420 550 811. There is always someone at Car 4 Cash to speak to and assist you when you got an “Unwanted Car for Sale”.

Advantages Of Selling Your Unwanted Car To Car 4 Cash

1.Competitive Offer

Don’t let your damaged or unwanted car sit in your garage collecting rust and losing value. Call us now to get unbeatable price quote.

2.No Hidden Costs or Fees

We have no hidden fees or additional charges, and we will remove your unwanted vehicle and leaving you with cash in hand.

3.Free Towing Service

Why pay for Towing Trucks and waste your time and money when we Tow for Free from any location in Melbourne.

4.Professional Licensed Reputation

We are LMCT certified and have a top reputation in the market. One call to us and you’ll get an instant offer, Free Towing and peace of mind.

Car 4 Cash is committed to offer the nation’s most convenient and fastest way to sell a wrecked, non-running, unwanted, or junk car. All it takes is one call to Sell your Used or damaged junk car, truck, van or SUV. We offer no obligation quote for free and also do all the necessary paperwork for free along with offering Free Towing service. We will come to your location at your preferred time, and the only trip you will have to make is to open the door to receive your cash. We leave you with the agreed upon amount at vehicle pick-up.

So, if your unwanted car is in need of repairs that will end up costing more than the car is worth then call us now. Just because a private buyer and a dealership don’t see the value of your automobile does not mean your car is worth nothing. We will tell you over the phone how much we will pay for your junk car by offering you a fair price. Do not think your car is junk because we would still love to give you a no-obligation offer for any kind of vehicle. We offer competitive pricing based on current market value for all conditions of vehicles, whether it’s like-new, used, damaged, unwanted, junk.

Talk to us today at 0420 550 811 or write us an email info@car4cash.com.au

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