How To Deal With An Abandoned Car Inside My Property Melbourne Victoria?

Posted On June 14th, 2022

Although it’s not rampant, there are instances where you are caught in the middle of a strange situation. Like when a random vehicle is parked on your property without notification from the owner.

It’s perfectly okay if you are puzzled and confused once this event happens because it’s unusual. And you’ll eventually want to get rid of it one way or another. So, to help you discover ways to properly handle incidents like this, follow through with the information below.

Cash For Abandoned Cars Melbourne

Cash For Abandoned Cars Melbourne

What Are Abandoned Vehicles?

In Melbourne as defined by law, even if you are so sure that the car present on your lawn is not yours, declaring it right away as abandoned is not that easy. Instead, refer to authorities for legitimate references to avoid legal aspects that you might unwilfully break by immediately disposing of the vehicle.

Based on rules and guidelines set by the city of Melbourne, it takes 90 days for an unmoved car to be declared abandoned. But this standard is only for vehicles that are present in public spaces.

Considering that your concern is solely about your property, the city commission cannot directly involve themselves in the investigation. However, if the vehicle poses any threat or danger to the public, you can contact the council on their phone: 03 9658 9658. Another alternative is to refer the incident to a nearby police station.

Please note that the term “vehicle” already encompasses all vehicles identified as such. If you want a list, the general inclusions are as follows but are not limited to:

  • Cars
  • Motorbikes
  • Trucks
  • Trailers
  • Vans
  • Buses
  • 4wd and more

Three Common Steps in Dealing With An Abandoned Vehicle

When you are facing a car abandonment issue in your yard, here are three actions you should do.

Refer to authorities and file a complaint or report.

Allowing certain authorities to be aware of the incident is the first go-to for people who know how important to at least document the problem in the public records.

With a relative skepticism, you do not know if and when the actual owner comes. But, on the other hand, the lack of documentation filed in the city office might favor whoever leaves the car.

They can use it against you and your family if they claim it’s stolen. In addition, some possibilities may include hoarded drugs and some illegal paraphernalia present inside the car. Thus, if they’ve inspected it before you get to file a complaint, it might raise suspicions.

To get away with these circumstances and come up clean, file an immediate complaint. Provide relevant information like your address, the vehicle’s make, model, and color, and its VIN and license plate number.

Note: Since the car is not present in any public place, authorities are forbidden from intervening in the incident directly. The only thing they can provide you with is help. You, as the landowner, are in charge of everything involving the abandoned car.

Begin investigating the abandoned car

With lots of uncertainty and the present danger of its existence within your household vicinity, immediate action is needed.

The investigation starts with asking the neighbours if they saw anything strange a day or two before discovering the abandoned car. Then, if there is any CCTV present on the street, you can ask authorities for assistance in accessing video footage.

If there is no luck whatsoever, immediately go to different vehicle agencies.

Agencies in connection with transportation are as follows:

You can access the insurance information of the car with other government agencies if it is registered. Usually, insurance companies provide more data about the owner since the grant requires extensive filing reports. Thus, finding its insurance policy records is the last resort if your investigation is still lacking.

Conduct immediate vehicle disposal.

If all your resources for finding the owner are already exhausted, it is only fair to stop at that point. You are not forever indebted to the irresponsible person who left it in your front yard. If anything, they are the ones in breach of the law.

Ensure that you have proof of everything you did to fix the problem. Then, later on, if the owner pops up after the disposal and claims any retribution, you have backup documents to counteract any accusations.

You are obligated by the law to exercise your right of disposal with legal due diligence. You did not deny any knowledge of forethought and disposed of the vehicle without any intention but to get rid of it.

Disposing agencies that you can hire include:

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the ideal way to dispose of an abandoned car?

If you are practical with your option, go for an enterprise that buys the abandoned car. You have already spent a significant amount of money figuring out who’s the owner. Travel costs and legal fees are there. Thus, if you like to capitalise on the car’s residual value, you are allowed to do it.

Scrap car removals or cash for car companies have the highest rates in terms of market value. So if there is any plan to dispose of it with a cash return, go to these higher-rated buyers.

What is the most environmental-friendly disposal of cars?

Sustainability is an edge that only a few companies can genuinely embody by default. If you are talking about ecological impact, those companies that recycle cars are the ones you should choose.

For example, scrap car removals recycle the metal elements of a car. They try to convert it as part of what people would call the “economic cycle.” Reusing metals implies decreasing carbon emissions. Thus, go for these kinds of enterprises.

How can you legally dispose of an abandoned car?

Once you finally finish selecting a towing company or a cash for cars company, ensure they take a photograph of the vehicle upon arrival. Then, again, please take a photo with its VIN and license plates.

It is important to speak to the local council and fill up an uncollected goods form in order to avoid any miscommunication. For information visit Consumer Vic

And if there are any personal belongings present inside the car, take a picture of them. These photographs will later on legally indemnify you against any charges. Therefore, always treat everything you do about the vehicle as an insurance policy to spare yourself from legal complications.

Having proper guidance on what to do in strange circumstances is very important. Not just because your family’s safety is hanging in the balance, but also to ensure you strictly adhere to the law.

There are a bunch of opportunists out there waiting for you to make mistakes that they can capitalise on. Thus, make sure you are moving with caution to avoid them taking advantage of your lapses.