My Car Failed The Roadworthy Inspection in Victoria: What Should I Do Now? Non RWC

Posted On August 11th, 2020

A certificate of Roadworthiness (RWC) shows that your vehicle is safe for use on public roads. If your car fails the roadworthy inspection, it’s likely that it’s in pretty bad condition and will require hundreds to thousands of dollars for repairs to bring it up to legally safe standards. You don’t need a roadworthy certificate to sell your old car. The vehicle can be soled without the certificate. Your best solution in such a situation is to Sell Your Car for Cash to a Car Wrecker in Melbourne.

Are You Planning To SELL Your Non-Roadworthy Car?

Don’t put your life and the lives of your passengers and other motorists on the road at risk by driving an unsafe car. It is against the law to drive a car that hasn’t been approved by Vic Roads. So, if your car doesn’t pass the roadworthiness inspection, then your options are limited. You cannot sell the vehicle until you’ve made the required changes to make it roadworthy again and get it approved by Vic Roads. And that can be an expensive process depending on the condition of the vehicle. But what if we told you there’s a better alternative?

If your car’s been deemed unroadworthy, then your best option is to sell it to an auto wrecker in Melbourne. Unlike selling to a private buyer, you don’t need to make the car roadworthy again to sell it to a wrecker. This is because the car will be sold for its scrap metals, meaning it will be wrecked and recycled so making it roadworthy is not necessary in such an instance. Car 4 Cash is a Cash for Cars company that buys old, unwanted, damaged and scrap cars for cash. Give us a call today and we’ll buy your unroadworthy car instantly!

Get FREE Car Towing When You Sell Your No ROADWORTHY VEHICLE (RWC)

We offer Free Car Towing for all suburbs in Melbourne. Driving an unroadworthy vehicle can cop you a $396 fine. Why take the risk of driving the car over to our yard? Take advantage of our Free Towing service instead and book your free car removal today. We’ll send our tow truck to collect and tow the vehicle over to our site. For more information relating to the Victoria fines read here

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