Car Hit By Kangaroo, Can I Sell It For Cash?

Posted On January 24th, 2023

Have You Caused Damage to Your Vehicle by Hitting A Kangaroo?

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Have You Caused Vehicle Damage By Hitting A Kangaroo

How Much Can A Kangaroo Do To Your Car?

Kangaroos can inflict extensive damage to your vehicle, weighing anything from 30 pounds to 500 pounds or more, depending on the species.

You could sustain significant frame and body damage if you hit a Kangaroo in an automobile collision. Your tyres, axle, and windscreen may be damaged or destroyed in numerous circumstances. Repairing this kind of damage might cost hundreds of dollars. Your insurance provider will most certainly deem your car a total loss if it is seriously damaged in a deer accident.

Can I Repair Car Damage Caused By Hitting A Kangaroo?

Maybe. If you did not collide with a giant Kangaroo or were going slowly, the damage to your car may be repairable. However, it could be rather costly to repair, particularly if you strike it from the front, where your engine and transmission are housed. If you reversed into a Kangaroo, the damage would still be bothersome, but it would be less expensive.

However, in many circumstances, the car cannot be repaired because a significant collision with a larger animal could inflict structural damage to the vehicle, increasing the likelihood of crumpling in a subsequent crash. When an undamaged car provides protection, this could result in significant or even deadly injuries to the driver.

What Is the Value of a Car Damaged by a Kangaroo?

If you have Kangaroo damage to your car, the value will likely decrease dramatically, but selling a damaged car differs from selling a secondhand car. In such situations, you may only be able to sell the vehicle for its scrap metal value.

You might receive more money on your vehicle if you upgrade it. The same might be said if you own a popular or valuable vehicle model. Getting quotations for your car is the most excellent way to determine its worth.

Where Can I Sell My Car With Body Damage?

If your car has body damage, you still have a few choices for selling it.
For example, you can:

  • Sell it to a scrap yard or junkyard.
  • Exchange it at a used car dealership
  • Sell it to a private person.
  • Sell it to a car buyer on the internet.

Typically, scrap yards will make you an offer based on the scrap metal worth of the car. However, they may only provide flat fee proposals in some situations based on the vehicle size. On the other hand, this strategy allows you to get rid of your car swiftly and efficiently.

Because dealerships do not specialise in damaged vehicles, they may offer your car a lesser trade-in value. On the other hand, the trade-in value can directly assist you in offsetting the cost of a new vehicle.

Selling it privately may fetch you the most excellent price in some circumstances. The make and type of your vehicle and your geographic region determine this.

To sell it privately, you must usually arrange for a buyer to come to see it.
As a result, selling can take many weeks, and you must decide who will bear the cost of hauling the automobile.

Selling your automobile online is the quickest way to get a fair price and get rid of it quickly. Online purchasers can rapidly provide you with an exact estimate. However, not all online vehicle shoppers are created equal.

Why Should You Sell To Car 4 Cash Melbourne?

If you have substantial damage to your automobile due to a collision with a Kangaroo, Car 4 Cash Melbourne will offer you a fair market offer. We are in the market for damaged vehicles, and we have over a decade of expertise in buying them.

Car 4 Cash Melbourne can provide you with a quote in less than 90 seconds. Our prices are guaranteed for seven days and come with no obligation, so you can shop around and determine if our offer is right for you.

Our specials usually include free towing and title transfers. There are no additional charges for using our car removal service. Instead, you can sell your car and receive payment in less than 48 hours.

How Do I Sell My Damaged Vehicle to Car 4 Cash?

It’s simple to sell your deer-damaged car to Car 4 Cash. You only need to complete the following:

Submit images of your vehicle and its VIN to receive a guaranteed offer.
If you are satisfied with our price, we may assist you in scheduling a pickup at a convenient time.

The tow truck driver will arrive armed with a check. Then, hand over the keys and sign the title – it’s that simple! So, could you not put it off any longer?

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cash for cars offer

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