Sell Your LPG Gas Converted Cars For Cash In Melbourne

Posted On June 14th, 2017

Selling an unwanted or non-running car is a big challenge. You need to factor in many things like rego, damage etc. Back in 2006, it was a hype and very popular converting the car to LPG. In 2017 most cars are fuel efficient and converting to LPG is a rare find with the new cars.

Advantages Of Having LPG Gas Converted Car

  • Less cost comparing to Petrol.  Although the Petrol prices have fallen recently comparing to LPG still the cost per km is less with LPG.
  • Using LPG is much more environmentally friendly or eco-friendly comparing to petrol.
  • The engine performs better and it’s cleaner when we use LPG instead of Petrol
  • Selling the car might be easy, as it can attract buyers

Disadvantages Of Converting:

  • Conversion cost is high. In 2006 the Government offered a rebate so many people made use of the rebate to convert. It costs from $3000 to $5000. The scheme ended in 2014 (Read about it more here)
  • The prices for LPG are rising, this can make people not to convert to LPG due to a small saving
  • Installing LPG  can occupy significant car boot space. In 4wds it is installed under the floor
  • The car power can reduce due to the conversion to LPG and might not be as smooth as petrol
  • The car might loose its warranty or insurance due to the conversion. Check with the warranty and insurance provider.

cash for lpg converted cars

Where To Sell Your LPG Converted Cars In Melbourne

When it comes to selling the LPG car, it can be a bit easy process compared to petrol-only cars. The buyer has an option. If you are looking to sell an LPG converted car and have trouble getting a good price, why not call cars 4 cash Melbourne or enquire online through our cash for cars quote form.