Car 4 Cash Provides Free Car Removal services in Melbourne. We buy unwanted cars, damaged cars, old vehicles, van, 4×4, and other commercial vehicles. Car 4 Cash is committed to protecting the environment and heritage to promote a sustainable environment. We are one of the largest independently owned Auto-Wreckers that have one cause of keeping Australia greener by offering environment-friendly auto recycling services.

If you own an unwanted or scrap vehicle, don’t forget to talk to our auto experts right away and receive a completely obligation-free quote on your car. Turn that scrap into gold today and earn up to $9999 on your unwanted vehicles.

Our Automotive Services In MELBOURNE

Here are some of the services that the Car 4 Cash offers to its valued clients in Melbourne.

Call us today at 0420 550 811 and be a part of reducing the carbon print on this beautiful planet!

Car Disposal  & Recyclers

Many people simply do not know what to do with an unwanted vehicle that is no longer roadworthy. Recycling? Disposal? Clever. However, it is important to understand the utmost importance of recycling an old vehicle in a responsible way.

Your vehicle should be disposed of in an environment-friendly process under the strict Environment Agency Regulations. As per Australian Government rules & regulations, they have to be de-polluted and at least 85 percent of car materials have to be recycled. Also, an end-of-life vehicle must be deposited at an authorized treatment facility only.

Commercial Car Removal Melbourne

Car 4 Cash is an expert in removing all tуреѕ оf commercial vehicles, including vаnѕ, 4WDs, саrѕ, truсkѕ, utеѕ. We pay уоu up to $9999 in instant саѕh, right оn the ѕроt. Car 4 Cash is proud to be one of Melbourne’s most favorite car removal company. An honor that we have earned by being reliable, courteous, and true to our promises.

Cash For Scrap Cars

If you have been putting off the task of getting rid of your Scrap Car because of the visit to the junkyard, you no longer have to! Car 4 Cash offers FREE Car Removals with every ‘Cash for Scrap Car’ service. Just talk to our experts, receive an obligation-free valuation, give us a nod, and we will be there to pick up your junk and give you instant cash!

Car Wreckers Melbourne

We have a skilled team of Auto Dismantlers present at our scrap yard who offer the most efficient and eco-friendly car wrecking services to the Melbourne auto owners. We carry out the removal process by first dismantling the car, removing its reusable and recyclable parts, and finally crushing what’s left to create scrap metal. With this process we create a lot of recyclable material so that nothing goes to waste, minimising the negative impact on the environment too.

FREE Car Removal Melbourne

Car 4 Cash is always just a call away. Emergency Car Removal? Scrap Car Removal? Old Van Removal? No matter what the task, we will come to you and offer absolutely free car removal services to our valued clients.

Some Of The Brands That We Routinely Deal With!

We accept all kinds of vehicles, regardless of their brands, size, age, or condition. Some of these include TOYOTA, MAZDA, HYUNDAI, FORD, HONDA, HOLDEN, AUDI, MITSUBISHI, LEXUS, SUBARU, and MERCEDES.

If you want to sell your car for cash in Melbourne, dial 0420 550 811, write us an email at car4cash@gmail or use our “Get a Quote” feature to receive an absolutely free valuation of your old vehicle. It’s your chance to get up to $9999 for what you thought was complete junk.

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