Should I Try To Sell My Car or Just Scrap It?

Posted On February 9th, 2022

Are you thinking about ‘How To Sell My Car Melbourne wide?’ Well, there are mainly two options available for you— you can either sell the car for cash, or you can scrap it. But, of course, both can be equally possible preferences, but it’s essential to know the details behind each decision. This way, you can work out which one is best for you.

You Can Either Sell Your Car Or Scrap It

If you have an unwanted car that is no longer needed, you can either sell it or scrap it for cash. But before you make a decision, here are the few things you need to know.

Private Car Sales Take Time

Selling instead of scrapping your vehicle can be pretty profitable, but you have to be willing to put some effort into it. Firstly, you need to search online for the current market prices of your car. For that, you can look at your competitors to find the most realistic rates. There could be a chance that the prices are not as high as expected. Also, always be ready to negotiate the offers. You have to haggle a lot in private sales, so it’s a perfect choice if you are good at it.

There are chances that your buyers are constantly trying to bring down the final price. So, remember to tell the dealer bumped up prices beforehand. This way, you are closer to where you want to be when they inevitably try and talk you down.

Wash and clean your vehicle to make it look presentable. No matter how lower your car prices are, nobody wants an unclean vehicle or faulty parts that don’t operate accurately. To get a decent deal, you may have to pour some of your money into replacing its spare parts. It can be surprisingly costly to make a private car sale.

Scrapping Your Car Is Quick, But Not Profitable

Scrapping your car is relatively quick, but you might not get as much money in hand as you could with a private sale. Still, you get a chance to avoid all the expenses of photographing and promoting your used car. You can also save time by not worrying about your car’s looks.

Scrapping your car can save the cash you might have to spend on new auto parts. And of course, you also have to wash or clean it, to get it in an acceptable standard for many customers. So you may find that the final profit from scrapping your vehicle is almost the same as selling it privately!

If you’re skilled enough, you can remove or recycle some parts from the car for your own use, as the vehicle will be scrapped anyway. If the car is unroadworthy, you might struggle to find a dealer for it.

Which Is The Right Choice For You?

It depends on what you’re after from your car. Are you after the money to buy a new car? Or do you think that the parts of your beloved old car might be a limited edition? No doubt, privately selling your vehicle is not more than a game of gambling. You will always be unsure about the types of customers and profit or loss you will be getting.

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