What Are 5 Ways To Improve A Vehicle’s Fuel Efficiency?

Posted On August 26th, 2022

Did you know that failing to undertake necessary maintenance regularly might result in a car using up to 30% more fuel? We all understand the value of routine auto maintenance, but we don’t perform fuel efficiency test frequently enough for various reasons.

Following suggestions will enable you to improve fuel efficiency with every drop of petrol you put into your tank, short of going “hyper-miler.”

Improve Fuel Efficiency


Driving with the correct tyre pressure significantly impacts your car’s fuel economy. The increased contact area between the tyre and the road results from reduced tyre pressure.

Because of the increased friction between the tyre’s rubber and the ground, fuel consumption rises. Overinflated tyres will reduce consumption, but at the expense of grip and the ability to spread water on the road. You’ll be alright if you ensure the tyres are inflated to the manufacturer’s specifications. Furthermore, check them once a week, always in the morning, to improve fuel efficiency.


Utilize the car’s controls as smoothly as possible. Respectfully use the brake and accelerator pedals. Even if harsh, rapid acceleration and abrupt braking make driving more exciting, they are bad for your car’s fuel economy.


Two quick excursions will always use more petrol than one slightly longer trip. It is because your car uses more fuel every time you start the engine. Combine as many trips as you can to maintain excellent fuel efficiency. Additionally, you’ll save on travel time.


How an automobile splits air while moving significantly impacts its fuel efficiency—alternatively, aerodynamics.

At high speeds, partially open windows can reduce fuel efficiency and cause the tank to empty more quickly, owing to increased drag. Contrary to popular belief, driving with the windows down and the air conditioner on will result in more fuel savings.


Change into the highest gear you can without the engine stuttering for a fuel efficiency test. When accelerating, a car uses more gasoline in lower ratios. So instead of pressing the throttle, shift down if the engine isn’t pulling.

The optimal balance of speed and economy is achieved when shifting up at 2,000 rpm (1,500 rpm for diesel). Shorten the shifts on an automatic with a manual mode to conserve fuel.

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