When is the Right Time to Sell Your Scrap Car

Posted On June 5th, 2018

Gone are the days when we needed to wait for days on end to successfully sell our scrap car. It’s almost laughable how easy and convenient it has become, and if you or anyone of your friends are stuck with a dealer who doesn’t seem to get the job done efficiently, then we highly recommend you start looking for a better company that’ll get the job done quickly. Choosing the right car removal company is important, but what’s even more important is to know the right time to Sell your Scrap Car in Melbourne.

Be Aware of The Blue Book Value of Your Car

Without the doubt, a car in good condition will fetch you so much more than one in scrap condition. But there is still hope yet for your scrap car. Find out the blue book value of your car. If you know the actual value, then you can easily deduct the cost of repairs and damage to determine an estimate of what you can hope to get for your scrap car.

You Can Get A Higher Price If You Have Reusable Parts

While obtaining the price quote for your car, keep in mind that the price of the reusable components are not included. In the off chance that you feel like you are being offered less, it is always recommended to ask for the weight of the car. About 70% of the car is made up of metal. In case if any of your parts are still functional then you should be offered more.

The Longer You Wait, The Less You Will Get

If you want to Sell your Car to a Car Removal Company, you should sell it to one that offers top dollar. Avoid waiting too long, hoping for better offers. Keep in mind that the car is made up of metal and hence, can rust very easily. The rust can then spread quickly, thus depreciating the value of your car. Furthermore, in the long run, the rubber becomes brittle and the car can be infested with animals and pests. Consider all these factors before letting your car collect dust. Selling the car while it’s still in a relatively decent condition can get you the best price.

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