Where Can I Sell My Old Car Battery For Cash?

Posted On July 18th, 2022

Your car’s battery needs to be changed a few times a decade. Those Old Car Batteries may start to accumulate in your garage over time. Did you realise using your used car batteries to generate income is possible? Finding out where to sell used car batteries can enable you to scrounge up a little extra cash. Obtaining a guaranteed loan no matter what in Australia is another fast money option.

The most popular locations where you might be able to sell your used car batteries are listed below

Old Car Batteries

1. Auto supply shop

Consult the auto parts shop closest to you. They’ll all offer to buy your used batteries, which is common. If you have any car parts that you want to sell, they will also be an excellent place to do so. You find out how much they will pay you for your battery; just be sure to phone them. In some circumstances, you can discover that the shop will provide you with a store credit rather than cash.

2. Junkyards

Your neighborhood scrap yard is the ideal option if you’re wondering where to sell unwanted automobile batteries. Your battery’s lead core is what the scrapyard buys when you sell it to them. It is possible to remanufacture and reuse the lead core. What lead is currently selling for will determine the price you receive. For example, if the lead price is 0.33 cents per pound, you need to budget about $7 for each battery. By searching for “cash for junk vehicles” or “buy my junk car” online, you can locate your neighborhood scrapyard. It’s likely that your neighborhood scrapyard may appear, especially if they pick up abandoned cars.

Calling them to ask how much the rate is for each battery is an excellent idea. For example, if you have many batteries for your bike love, you might find that the scrapyard will pay you more in some situations.

3. Metal Recycling Facility

While scrapyards and metal recycling facilities are comparable, some in your location might charge a different price for your batteries. Finding a metal recycling facility in your neighborhood is a wonderful idea. After all, having a range of prices can help you identify the best location to sell your car’s battery.

What Is The Best Way To Opt For Scrapping Car Batteries In Melbourne, Australia?

Car 4 Cash, “Car Removal & Auto Wrecker in MELBOURNE,” provides battery recycling and buyback services. Don’t throw away or place old car batteries in the trash. Please call us; you may be confident that we will purchase back your property thanks to our experience and market-leading solutions. We purchase despite defects or damage. Please be advised that this is dangerous and requires specific handling, at which we are skilled. The automotive industry, which includes cars, trucks, inverters, bikes, etc., and sealed maintenance-free vehicles, typically uses lead-acid batteries in UPS, batteries are used.

We salvage materials from the scrap, such as Gypsum, Lead, and Polypropylene (from the acid). Lead-acid batteries, various battery cases, agriculture, and other industries are further potential uses (filler for plasterboard and washing powder) Participate in recycling, which is a beneficial strategy to safeguard the environment. Each battery disposed of in a recycling bin will be disassembled, and the components will get repurposed to create new products.

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