5 Things To Bring When Selling Your Car

Terms and Conditions:

  • Proof Of Ownership needs to be submitted
  • Current car registration if you have one.  If you are not sure and do not have a Rego certificate contact your local licensing authority. In Victoria contact  www.vicroads.vic.gov.au. If the car is not registered the best practice is to purchase an unregistered vehicle permit. Call us if you are not sure about this process.
  • ID: Current valid driving license and a proof address to confirm you are the owner of the car. We will need a photo ID ( Valid drivers license or Passport) for verification and documentation purposes.
  • Bank Account Details: We do offer cash on the spot due to the current government regulations we advice bank transfer or cheque.  Giving your bank account details will help us to transfer the funds to the nominated account.We will need bank details, BSB and ACC number to make the payment. No cash payment!
  • Finance or debt owing:  Letter from your financial institution or proof to say the amount owing for the car. He/she is the owner of the vehicle should confirm that his/her vehicle is free of any debt, charge, mortgage or any other encumbrance
  • If you are selling the car on behalf of someone else, please have a letter signed authorisation that you can sell the car.

The above documents are an important process when selling your car. We also do recommend to bring the service book, spare keys, owner’s manual etc.

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