Cash For Scrap Cars Melbourne

Are you wondering about how much your Scrap Car is worth? Then you are at the right place to find the answer. It often happens when you have received one or more quotes from junkyards for your unwanted car, you start wondering if you are getting the best Scrap Car price possible.

Since Selling an Unwanted Car to a junkyard doesn’t happen very often to an average consumer, many have very little experience to rely on when determining the value of their junk car. Also, there are no published prices for junk cars by make, model, year, or condition to go by. So here at Car 4 Cash we make it simple for you by offering a fair price for your Junk Car and help you throughout the process.

We Offer Top Cash Upto $9999

Our expert appraisers will determine the value of your car and offer you top cash up to $9999. The price Quote depends on various factors such as if your car is in running condition and has reusable parts, you’ll get a high offer as compared to a vehicle that is not working.

For more than five years we, Car for Cash Melbourne have been one of Australia’s largest independently owned Auto-Wrecking company. With our services available across Melbourne, we have been successful in removing thousands of scrap cars from streets to reduce carbon footprint. Our easy process of selling Scrap Cars for Cash has benefited our clients, providing quality services and top cash for scrap vehicles in any condition.

Cash For Scrap Cars

Do not overthink about how bad the condition of your car is, because at Car 4 Cash we accept every make & model. The condition is just not an issue. Our appraisers are experts in evaluating vehicle’s condition to offer the highest amount of cash in the market. We will scrap your vehicle for cash no matter:

  1. Running or not running
  2. Wrecked cars
  3. Damaged cars
  4. Junk vehicles
  5. All Makes, All Models

What We Offer

When you choose Car 4 Cash you get a number of benefits besides getting top “Cash for Your Junk Car”. We offer quick payment, instant cash on the spot when we come to your location. We are available to assist you throughout the week. You are just a call away to Sell your Junk Car for Cash and we will come to your location anywhere in Melbourne.

Our Car Removals are efficient and we responsibly recycle vehicles to minimise the impact on the environment. When you Sell to local junkyards you have to pay for ‘Getting your Vehicle Towed’ but Car 4 Cash does not charge for Towing Services and offer free paperwork as well.

Scrap Vehicle Materials & Parts Accepted

Besides Scrapping your entire Car we also accept spare or scrap parts that can be reused or recycled. Below is a list of what you can get cash for:

  1. End-of-life cars and vehicles
  2. Trailers
  3. Auto parts
  4. Trucks and vans
  5. Wheel rims
  6. Tractors

Your search for the best Cash for Scrap Cars company in Melbourne ends today. Just call 0420 550 811 and get the ball rolling. Car 4 Cash pays competitive scrap metal prices and have a range of specialised lifting and cutting equipment to facilitate efficient and safe Recycling of Scrap Vehicles. So sell us your end-of-life vehicle today.

To receive a more accurate quote for your scrap car, please send us photos of the vehicle you want to scrap by emailing them to us. Also, you can fill out an online form with your vehicle details under the “Find Us” tab on our website.

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