Estimating The Correct Value Of Your Scrap Car

Posted On May 29th, 2017

You may be wondering how much your scrap car is worth. Maybe you have received varying price quotes from junkyards trying to sell your car for scrap. But how do you know when you’re getting the best price possible?

Selling cars for junk have no fixed values. People don’t have much experience with determining a fair price, too. So, if you want to know if you’re being offered a reasonable price, here is a checklist for you to look over before selling it to a junkyard.

The longer you wait the lesser value you get

Sometimes people think they can restore or do a DIY repair on their car. They think they might be able to find a buyer for it. They don’t want to sell their cars for scrap because of the prices. Whatever your reason may be, you should understand that the longer you wait, the lesser its worth.

When a car isn’t running, car parts are prone to breaking down quickly, the car will start rusting and rubber items will become weaker. If the car is outside, the weather and environment means more wear and tear on the car, both inside and out. Therefore, sell your old car as soon as possible. Let the junkyard know your car was being used until recently if you want better value.

Is your car still in running condition?

A car that is drivable will hold more value to a junkyard. It will mean the car won’t have to be towed. Sometimes junkyards will sell vehicles at auctions. A buyer looking for cars to refurbish will incline more towards cars that still run.

If you can salvage car parts, do it

If you have any components that are worth anything in your vehicle, resell them. Scrap metal prices for cars do not account for valuable parts that can be removed and resold. Look over your car. It might have a GPS system or new tires that you can reuse.

If nothing else, weigh your car – if possible

Your vehicle’s curb weight can be used to guess its scrap metal value. Your local recycling yard can easily give you estimation, as the majority of your car weight is steel. You could either look around for more quotes or negotiate with the junkyard. Do not accept any price with conditions. After asking around for more quotes, set the value of your car yourself and stick to it.

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