How To Get An Unregistered Vehicle Permits In Melbourne?

Posted On September 23rd, 2019

Although motorists are not allowed to drive an Unregistered Car on public roads in Victoria, there is an exception that allows you to do so legally. That exception is the Unregistered Vehicle Permit. With that said, you can’t just obtain an Unregistered Vehicle Permit for any reason – there are certain circumstances and purposes required by the motorist to obtain one. Of course, you could always sell your Unregistered Car for an Instant Cash for Cars payment from Melbourne Cars Removal, but for those looking for a permit, keep reading on to find out more.

What Is an Unregistered Vehicle Permit?

As we mentioned, a UVP is a permit allowing you to drive or transport an unregistered vehicle in Victoria. You can obtain one when your vehicle is unregistered and/or it is impractical or unreasonable to have the vehicle registered during the period of the permit.

Unregistered Vehicle Permits are intended to cover situations including:

  • Preparing an Unregistered Vehicle for Preparation
  • Moving a Vehicle Somewhere on a One-Off Basis
  • Using or Moving Heavy Equipment Which Needs to Operate or Cross Roads
  • Driving or Transporting a Rally Car on the Road
  • Using a Carnival Float on the Road

You can apply for an Unregistered Vehicle Permit by calling 13 11 71 or visiting your local VicRoads Customer Service Centre.

Steps in Getting an Unregistered Vehicle Permit in Victoria

Step 1: Check Your Vehicle’s Registration and Its Condition

Before applying for a UVP, it’s important that your vehicle meets certain requirements. For example, it must not be currently registered or suspended due to being deemed not roadworthy.

Some requirements for your vehicle include:

  • It must not be recorded as stolen
  • It must not be currently registered
  • It must not be suspended due to an unrepaired safety issue
  • It must not be recorded as a statutory write-off
  • It must not be subject to a Sheriff’s Office sanction

Step 2: Prepare Your Vehicle’s Information for When You Apply for a Permit

When applying for a UVP, you will need to provide certain details about yourself and your vehicle.

Your vehicle’s details will include:

  • Its make and model
  • Its body type
  • Its colour
  • Year of manufacture
  • Its Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), chassis or engine number

Personal Information will include:

  • Your telephone number
  • Your full name and address
  • Your email address
  • The address of your vehicle’s garage

Step 3: Choose the Permit Type & How Long You Need It For

  • A Single Trip or Journey: This is for a one-off basis and is available up to 7 days. The vehicle must also travel the most direct route only.
  • Construction Zones: Construction vehicles or those deemed impractical to meet registration requirements
  • Tracked Vehicle: for tracked vehicles, all-terrain vehicles that it is deemed unnecessary to meet registration requirements
  • Preparing Vehicle for Registration: this includes getting a Certificate of Roadworthiness, a Vehicle Identity Validation Certificate, Vehicle Assessment Signatory Scheme Approval Certificate, or simply taking the vehicle to VicRoads for registration.

Step 4: Apply for Your UVP

You will have to display your UVP on your vehicle on the areas stated. Your registration plates will also have to be removed.

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