Is it Worth To Sell Your Car For Parts To A Wrecker?

Posted On October 25th, 2021

Has your vehicle reached the end of its life cycle? If so, you may be wondering what to do next. If your car is in working condition, selling it should be simple. But if not, it might be best to Sell Your Car For Parts to a wrecker in Melbourne.

It definitely can be worth selling your car for parts, especially if you’re mechanically savvy and has enough free time. In this case, you can disassemble the parts by yourself and sell each component separately. If you’re new to selling vehicles for parts, there are less complicated options available.

Sell Your Car For Parts Melbourne

Sell Your Car For Parts Melbourne

We will include everything you need to know about selling your car for parts in this blog. We will first examine a few questions you should ask yourself before you Sell Your Car For Parts. Then, we will talk about what the options are.

Is It Worth Selling Your Car for Parts? Ask Yourself Following Questions

Ques #1: Am I Mechanically Savvy?

If you don’t know how to change your oil, replace an air filter, or remove your spark plugs, there’s a fair possibility that you are not ready to disassemble a vehicle. This indicates that instead of doing the job by yourself, you should go about it differently.

Even if you are not mechanically knowledgeable, you can sell it as an entire unit to a Car Removals company, which will then scrap it for parts. With a basic understanding of the operation of cars, you can remove the most profitable parts and sell the rest for scrap.


Ques #2: What Is The Condition Of My Car?

When you are thinking about selling a vehicle for parts, then you have recognised it’s worth more if sold in pieces than as a whole unit. You surely don’t want to go through the efforts of disassembling your car if it’s not required. For this reason, you should use a blue book for an online car evaluation. If the retail value of parts is less than what you expected, selling your car might be the best idea. Although, if your vehicle is less than 10-years old with approx 150,000 miles running, it’s better to try selling it privately.


Ques #3: How Much Time Do I Have To Spend?

Completely dismantling a vehicle takes a lot of time and effort. You may have to spend days or even months to take it apart fully, depending on your level of expertise. Not just that, selling every individual part one by one takes longer, especially if it’s not a necessary component.

A fleeter option that will still get a higher return than selling to a junkyard is to list the more likely parts to sell fast. On the other hand, if you want to sell your car for parts quickly, selling it to a junkyard can be done within a day.


You’ve asked yourself the above three questions. Let’s see what the options for selling a car for parts are.

Selling Your Car For Parts – The Options

Option #1 – Sell Your Car For Cash To A Junkyard, Individual Buyer, Or Online Dealer

If you have limited time and you aren’t comfortable handling the situation by yourself, then your best bet can be to Sell Your Car For Cash to a junkyard, private, or online seller.

Now the question is, how are you doing to decide between the three. Well, junkyards are an excellent choice if you have a heavy vehicle like an SUV, bus, truck, or van. Junkyards recycle the profitable parts, and they meltdown the remaining metal for scrap. Because of this, the bigger your vehicle, the more it will weigh, which means you can earn high Cash For Cars.

As for a private or individual buyer, as long as you’re realistic about the condition of your vehicle, you should be able to find a customer. Otherwise, you risk upsetting any potential buyer.

Another option that’s similar to a junkyard is an online scrap car buyer. There are few platforms available online which are dedicated to these services. They are reputable, offer free removal, and will take any car, regardless of its state. However, you should know that you can definitely earn more if you sell your car privately.


Option #2 – Disassemble Car By Yourself And Sell Parts Individually

Those who are mechanically active can go for this option. No doubt, dismantling your car piece by piece and selling them separately will give you the highest return. Though it also takes the longest and requires a lot of energy.

Here, you essentially become a mini-junkyard, with an infinite number of random bits and pieces lying around. You can require a full garage for an extended duration of time. Not just that, but you have to sell each part. It means listing them, meeting customers, and haggling over car prices.


Option #3 – Remove Essential Expensive Parts And Scrap The Rest

You can remove the essential ‘high dollars’ parts of your car and scrap the rest. Some of these include the engine, transmission, wheels, airbags, catalytic converter, and seats. You can simply remove these parts by watching Youtube videos.

Once you have finished the removal process, tow the remaining car body to a scrapyard and earn money by selling it for its metal.


So, Is It Worth To Sell Your Car For Parts?

After asking yourself the above questions and reading different options, now you should definitely know the answer. We hope this blog has advised you in making a perfect choice. If you want to have a simple car-selling experience, reach out to Car 4 Cash. To get an instant quote, contact us through our number on 0420 550 811 or fill the online forms displayed on our website.