Nasty Tactics By Used Car Dealers In Melbourne To Deceive Customers

Posted On July 19th, 2022

When looking for a well-used car auto dealer, one of the first things you should consider is their pricing. Unfortunately, some companies use it as bait and trap customers into thinking they are getting a good deal.

Knowing how to distinguish a good scrap auto trader from a bad one will save you the frustrations that often stem from a bad agreement. At Car 4 Cash, we make sure that all transactions are transparent and truthful. Our goal is to provide an honest auto removal service in Melbourne.

Don’t get fooled by unscrupulous auto removal companies. Instead, call Car 4 Cash at 0330 159 1588 for an honest and trustworthy car removal service!

Used Car Dealers Are Promising A Big Cash Offers Or Cheque

Some auto-used dealers offer incredible valuation prices, but the deal never materializes. These companies often want to buy specific cars with a higher resale value for their metal and mechanical parts.

Auto removal companies often do this by putting advertisements and marketing campaigns on the internet to pique the interests of car owners. If they dislike your vehicle, they will keep your hopes high without the intention of making a purchase.

Car 4 Cash collects all kinds of scraps, including low-valued car or truck components. We have partnered with a network of reputable and trusted auto dealers, offering higher than market prices for salvageable auto parts and components. Trust Car 4 Cash to give you the correct prices for your old and unwanted vehicle.

Cash For Cars Companies That Don’t Stick to their Original Offer

There are also car removal businesses in Melbourne that taunt customers with an excellent initial offer. They would set the value of your vehicle and keep your hopes high that you are getting a good deal for your used machine. But when they pick up the car and do an inspection, the price can suddenly change.

This ploy is a common sly trick used by corrupt car removal companies, swindling people of their money for vague and unproven issues. Unfortunately, these companies often haggle hard enough until you give in to their low-value offer.

These swindlers try to indicate issues and point out faults that do not impact the value of your car. Either way, they can convince you that the faulty component will affect its costs and won’t get their initial capital with the quoted value.

A Scam Car Removal uses Every Trick to Defraud Car Owners

One of the dirty tricks that car removal businesses use is getting all the information they need when you call them. For example, they would ask if you’ve contracted another company and how much the estimated worth is.

They’d also gather your details, including your address and when the other company is scheduled to pick up your old vehicle. Then, when they have all the information they need, they show up earlier than the company you’ve decided with.

They often pose as companies trying to collect your old car and haggling over the price. These unregistered dealers will try to knock down the prices once they have sensed you are willing to dispose of the vehicle.

Getting that gut feeling often signifies dealing with a defrauder who is just out to get the best of you. If you want a truthful company with fair pricing for your old and unwanted vehicle, think Car 4 Cash is here to help.

Call us anytime, and we’ll collect the car free of charge and on our agreed pricing. So call now at 0420 550 811!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I have a trusted company picking up my vehicle?

There are many indications that you have the services of a good company. For example, they stick to their original estimation and make everything clear and understandable from the start. It would be best if you were wary of companies trying to sway the deal according to their satisfaction and not yours. Remember that there is a big market even for an unused and rusty vehicle when you have the right car removal company.

How much will my vehicle cost if I sell it to you?

Like all other automotive companies, the car removal business also follows a set of pricing for unused vehicles, cars in good working condition, or scrap metal. For example, scrap metal trucks and cars are valued for their salvageable parts, while working vehicles are priced according to year, make, model, mileage, or age. Car 4 Cash provides the correct pricing for your old and unwanted vehicle.

What parts of Melbourne do you service?

We service all regions in Melbourne, from the city to the nearby suburbs. Car 4 Cash can collect your vehicle in about 15 or 30 minutes, depending on your location. We guarantee no fees to be collected for towing or removing your old car from the site.

Do you have any satellite offices in Melbourne?

We currently don’t have a satellite office outside Melbourne. Our main office is at 3-5 Nicole Way, Dandenong South. However, you don’t need to worry about the car pickup schedule or if you need to get in touch with us. You can call our hotline number 0420 550 811, and a friendly operator is standing by to take your call.