Unregistered Cars Removal Melbourne Sell Your No Registration Car For Cash

Posted On April 21st, 2017

Selling An Unregistered Cars In Melbourne Victoria Steps To Follow

  1. Certification of roadworthiness is not required when selling an unregistered vehicle.
  2. Remove the number plate and hand over to VicRoads
  3. Apply for cancellation and receive a refund

When buying unregistered a car from a seller it is important to follow certain steps, which are mentioned below

  • Issue a receipt or proof of purchase. The invoice or receipt should have the name, company address, ABN and telephone number.
  • Vin number ( Vehicle identification  number)
  • Brand & model

Car Removal

These records are must, VIC police are very strict on who purchased the car. In the case of a random check, the above information will help the police to identify if the car is purchased legitimately.

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